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What people are saying –

If the intricacies and freedoms of improvisation are aspects of music you feel willing to explore then this is as good a place to start as I could name.

.....Dominy Clements -- musicweb-international.com -- Commenting on “Way Cool”

love your cd have had occasion to play it several times on my sun night improv jazz show -- love it sounds great

.....Kenn Michael -- Radio Host, WDIY (Bethlehem, PA) -- Commenting on “Don’t Abandon Your Baby” 

I'm listening to you now and loving it.  It makes me happy to imagine you creating this music.  It's heartfelt and that means it's the best.

.....Ron Pellegrino -- Composer -- Author of “The Electronic Arts of Sound and Light”

The MUSIC NOW ENSEMBLE (convened by avuncular white gloved new music hero, trombonist Stanley Schumacher from Pennsylvania).....is a "high action" ensemble.

.....John Berndt -- Producer -- Red Room (Baltimore, MD)

Stanley Schumacher is unquestionably a name to consider. Amidst an ever-growing number of posers, he is a craftsman who ‘plays’ his instrument instead of disemboweling it.

.....Massimo Ricci -- Reviewer