A long-time associate of the State Mental Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Professor Musikmacher performs exclusively with Stanley Schumacher and the Music Now Ensemble, which provides a platform for his “instructive lectures.”  He was educated in Berlin at the Moravian Academy and at the St. Ursula School for Delinquent Girls where he completed his theoretical studies.  A man of catholic interests, Professor Musikmacher is well known for his essay “Oral Arts and the Negative Space Continuum.”  Included in the venerable Journal of Oral Arts, this essay explores the metaphysical relationship of sound and reality.  His recent book, Altered States: A Comprehensive Investigation of Reality, published by Didactic Press, has received high critical acclaim.

During brief sabbaticals from the State Mental Hospital, Professor Musikmacher has recorded with the Music Now Ensemble on the following tracks:

“Don’t Abandon Your Baby” (Don’t Abandon Your Baby, Musikmacher Productions MM003)

“Dogma Of Dogmas” (Jive At 5:05, Musikmacher Productions MM004)

The most interesting and most consequential of men tend to elude easy categorization, inspiring strong feelings in all quarters



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